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Welcome to Silver Screen Videos, the sterling standard in entertainment. We provide the latest word in movie and entertainment news, reviews, and commentary, along with an extensive selection of distinctive merchandise from our friends and sponsors. We've been reviewing and analyzing movies for over thirty years, and we'll provide you with a unique perspective on current movies, ongoing trends, and important issues in the film and entertainment industry. There's new content every week at Silver Screen Videos, so you'll want to check back with us often. We're especially pleased to announce that our new blog, Silver Screen Central, is now operational, and offers you, our readers, the opportunity to join the entertainment conversation. For now, we hope you'll look around, enjoy the site, and spread the word.


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The Passengers
We are very excited to be part of the blog tour for The Passengers, the newsest thriller from best-selling author John Marrs. This book explores what happens in a world of the near future in which driverless automobiles are the norm, until something goes very, very wrong, threatening many lives. This blog tour celebrates the paperback release of The Passengers in Great Britain (the U.S. release of The Passengers is scheduled for August 27, but you can pre-order a copy now). My thanks to John Marrs, Tracy Fenton of Compulsive Readers, who asked me to take part in this tour and write a review, and to the book's publisher, Penguin Books/Del Rey.




Taron Egerton
Photo:Gage Skidmore

This week, we have reviews of the live action version of the musical biography of Elton JohnRocketman, the giant monster action sequel, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and Octavia Spencer in the offbeat horror film, Maall at Silver Screen Cinema.



Sherlock Homes
Drawing: Frederic Dorr Steele

Sherlock Holmes has been around since Thomas Edison patented the first motion picture projector, and Holmes and the movies have had close ties ever since. A recent court decision has major implications for future Holmes movies, as well as for projects involving other popular literary characters, as we discuss at Silver Screen Select.

Bradley Cooper
Photo: GabboT

Bradley Cooper's A Star Is Born is one of the favorites for this year's Oscars, but who will be raking in the gold? We've got panels from two prestigious prognosticators, Gold Derby and Collider Video, weighing in on the subject. We also have the recording of my recent horror film podcast on Aaron's Horror Show. For those interested in upcoming movies, we've also got new trailers for two new films, Men in Black: International and Shaft, all in the Silver Screen Report.

Eva Rinaldi
Photo: Eva Rinaldi

For daily comments on the entertainment world and lively discussions of what's hot and what's not, check out our blog, Silver Screen Central. This week, we look at the best connected man in Hollywood, Eric Roberts.

Aaron Frale - Orion

 man who dies a horrible death in combat keeps reliving the last few hours of his life over and over until he figures out how to survive. No, this isn't Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow or even Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Compared to the hero of Aaron Frale's new novel, Orion, Cruise and Murray were mere amateurs. Frale's hero has to relive dozens of past lives hundreds of times until he figures them all out. This inventive story is our feature recommendation in the Silver Screen Store



For video fans, we also have special limited editions of the 25th Anniversay Jurassic Park collection, including all four earlier films in the series, and the complete series of The Equalizer television show, both featured in the  Silver Screen Store.



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